Czech Cyber Security Working Group (Czech CSWG)

Czech Cyber Security Working Group was founded by AFCEA Czech chapter in 2018, officially started its activities in 2011.

Our Mission

The mission of the working group is the identification and definition of joint, existing and developing open standards, rules, processes, principles, processes and techniques to achieve abilities for mutual cooperation of the public sector, business entities and the academia, in the area of cyber security and defence.

Objectives of the working group

  • » General awareness in the area of cyber security and defence
  • » Mutual, broad cooperation among non-profit organizations, public sector, businesses and the academia
  • » Broad cooperation with foreign entities active in the same area, with special focus on the territory of Visegrad-3 (The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland)
  • » Enforcement of security standards and the standards of interoperability for the monitoring and communication systems (CSIRT)
  • » Enforcement and support of the legislative establishment of security standards
  • » Definition of the security experts profile to be requested from the universities and other educational institutions
  • » Preparation of the scenarios of critical situations and provision of modeling and simulation systems
  • » Regular organization of instructive seminars both for the lay as well as the expert community
  • » Obtaining financial grants from the EU and NATO to support cyber security awarness, training, education and to support professional actvities in cyber security area.

Basic tenets of the working group

  • » Terminology definition, definition of cyber security and cyber defence
  • » Standardization and legislative support
  • » Support of education
  • » Training and simulation
  • » General awareness
  • » International cooperation

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