Cyber Security Legislation in the Czech Republic


The law understands cyber security in a much narrower sense than it must be viewed by company practices. As the existing law stands, we must separate cyber security of the state from other forms of information security of the individual, that is personal data protection, commercial secrets protection, protection from standard criminal activities directed to information (information criminality) etc. Security manager must therefore employ not only legislation directly concerned with cyber security but also a vast criminal, administrative and civil legislation defining those legal obligations which bear upon various forms of obtaining, processing, storing and communication of information.

Hence, the law perceives cyber security as the defence of the national cyberspace against security threats. Isolated security incidents can of course achieve such intensity as to have a negative impact on a national scale, e.g. failure of a trunk network. However, majority of normally occurring incidents do not attain such an intensity to warrant a response on the national cyber security – these phenomena are then  dealt with legally using standard protection statutes of the criminal, administrative and civil legislation. A typical example can be a leak of personal data or penetration into a company information system.

In the relation of cyber security in the narrower sense of the word (that is, as it is perceived by existing law) it is necessary in company practice to tackle primarily the issues of protecting company information infrastructure from external attacks and this includes also the appropriate detection of such attacks. Of equal importance, from the legal point of view, is also the prevention of company information infrastructure to be used for an outside attack. Under existing law it is short of impossible to punish a company for not using appropriate security measures in an own network (the only exceptions in this direction are related to secret information). However, in some definite cases a company can be made legally responsible for damage caused to the employees, customers or third parties due to insufficient security of the information infrastructure. Similar to other Euro-Atlantic countries, intensive work has been underway in the Czech Republic in the area of specific legal framework of national cyber security. This framework shall primarily and newly demand that providers of electronic services implement in their networks certified security technologies. At the same time, under the coordination of the National Security Authority, a supervisory government body will be created and this will operate as the centre of the protection for the state and critical communication infrastructure as well as a body for critical management in case of a massive attack on a national scope. Furthermore, the activities of the national supervisory body will be amended to include information evaluation of security incidents coming from the private sphere and to coordinate protection modes with the providers of concrete networks (the national body is in a work-in-progress operation at present, as based on a memorandum between CZ.NIC and Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

JUDr. Radim Polčák, Ph.D.

Head, Institute of Law and Technologies, Masaryk University in Brno

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