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18. - 19. 9. 2024


AFCEA TechNet Europe 2024

TechNet Europe, as per annual tradition, is an international event organised by AFCEA Europe, in cooperation with a local AFCEA chapter, which takes place every autumn, in a European capital city. The conference and exhibition is regularly held under the patronage of the host country's Minister of Defence.

Digitalisation stands at the forefront of the ongoing transformation in the Armed Forces of NATO and the EU, playing a crucial role in deterrence and decision dominance in the era of cognitive warfare. As various nations progress at different rates in digitising their Armed Forces, the challenges of cyber vulnerabilities, workforce training, global dependencies, and defence industry scalability become apparent. The two-day event will feature discussions led by senior experts from NATO, the EU, and the host nation, focusing on the European theater of operations. Industry representatives in the C4ISR/Cyber field will showcase solutions to enhance resilience in digital technologies. The conference aims to address emerging challenges and provide insights into navigating the complexities of digitalisation in modern warfare.

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Helsinki, Finland

7. - 11. 10. 2024



he European Cybersecurity Challenge is the annual cybersecurity championship during which teams of 10 members aged 14 to 24, representing European and some invited non-European countries, participate on-site in cybersecurity competitions (CTF - Capture The Flag) over 2 days, to determine the European champion. The event, supervised by ENISA, the European Cybersecurity Agency, takes place annually in a different European country, which takes care of its organization.

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Torino, Italy

16.- 18.. 10. 2024



Three-day professional event - preparing a set of security panel discussions, workshops, Live Hacking Show and other expert events as the official professional accompanying programme of the international project FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF), enabling meeting experts and representatives of the public sector, security and armed forces to discuss key issues in the field of current and future threats and trends in information technology, cybersecurity and defence.

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Prague, Czech Republic

4. - 5. 12. 2024



In its second year, TechNet Transatlantic, organized by AFCEA Europe in collaboration with AFCEA chapters in Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern, and Wiesbaden, continues to serve as a paramount event for the warfighting community within the US Forces in Europe. The event aims to showcase groundbreaking technologies. Last year's theme, "Strengthening Collaboration in C4ISR and Cyber - Key to Battlefield Advantage," underscores the critical importance of collaboration in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and Cyber domains. This theme reflects the ongoing commitment to leveraging technological advancements in these areas, emphasizing the significance of cooperation in gaining a decisive advantage on the battlefield. TechNet Transatlantic stands as an essential forum for fostering innovation and collaboration, ensuring that the warfighting community remains at the forefront of evolving capabilities and technologies.

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Frankfurt, Germany

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