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Cyber Security

Welcome to the website CyberSecurity.cz focused to the current theme of Cyber Security and Defense.

This website brings the information explaining the basic concepts of Cyber Security, the information about planned events, some posts and professional papers about Information and Cyber Security from our and public available sources.


The main goal of this website is general awareness of cyber security and protection.

Cyber Security in the Czech Republic

According to the Decision n. 781 of the Government of the Czech Republic from 19th October 2011, the National Security Authority was established as a competent national authority for the issues of cybernetic security.

The Statute of the Council for Cybernetic Security was added to this Decision. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has been established on the basis of this Decision as a part of the National Security Authority.

The main task of the NCSC is coordination of cooperation on both national and international level to prevent cybernetic attacks, to propose and adopt measures for incident solving and against ongoing attacks.

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