Cyber Security and defence

Welcome to the website CyberSecurity.CZ focused to the current theme of Cyber Security and Defense.

This website brings the information explaining the basic concepts of Cyber Security, the information about planned events, some posts and professional papers about Information and Cyber Security from our and public available sources.


The main goal of this website is general awareness of cyber security and cyber defence.

Cyber Security in the Czech Republic

Cyber Security is a branch of computing known as information security, applied to both computers and networks. The goal of information security is to protect Information and Property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while information and property must remain accessible and productive to its intended users.

Cyber security in the Czech Republic has been developing since the 1990s, when a number of academic and non-profit organizations in particular began to address this issue. The Czech Republic has been officially involved in cyber security since 2010.

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