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Publications and posts on this website are stored mainly in Czech language here and proceedings published by Police Academy of the Czech republic and Czech Cyber security working group here.

Below you can find list of recommended publications about Cyber Security in English or French language. Other important publications in English language you can find on the website of US-CERT.

List of recommended publications

Author(s) Year Name of Publication Publisher
Robert D. Schneider 2012 Hadoop for Dummies IBM
Group of authors 2012 Proceedings Cyber Attacks against Information Systems. ISBN: 978-80-7251-371-0 Police Academy, Czech Cyber Security Working Group
Robert Gogela, Petr Jirásek, Luděk Novák, Radim Polčák, Josef Požár 2011 Working Manual for Security Managers (CZ) includes Czech Cyber Glossary. ISBN: 978-80-7251-364-2 Police Academy Prague, Czech AFCEA
Group of authors 2011 Proceedings Cyber Security & Defence Conference. ISBN:978-80-7251-363-5 Police Academy Prague, Czech AFCEA
Authors of CSIS 2011 Cybersecurity Two Years Later CSIS
Czosseck C., Podins K. 2010 Conference on Cyber Conflict Proceedings 2010 NATO CCD COE
Evans K, Reeder F. 2010 A Human Capital Crisis in Cybersecurity CSIS
Keneth Geers 2011 Strategic Cyber Security NATO CCD COE
Lewis J.A. 2008 Securing Cyberspace CSIS
Schreier F., Weekes B., Winkler T.H. 2011 Cyber Security: The Road Ahead DCAF

All information are subject to change. Last update by: 1.11.2017